RightShip White Paper: A Sustainable Road Map

A deep-dive into Carbon Accounting  

RightShip proactively supports the maritime industry’s goal to meet 2030 and 2050 International Maritime Organisation (IMO) sustainability targets. But how do we get there from where we are today? To start, you need to understand your present emissions profile, which can be achieved through Carbon Accounting.  

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What’s in the guide


In this report, prepared by RightShip, we explore the maritime industry’s current emissions position, consider industry drivers and outline how Carbon Accounting works for our customers and Sea Cargo Charter signatories.  

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Our sustainability position

Gain a clear understanding of the maritime sector’s present position, the challenges and the opportunities for improvement. 

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How it works

Find out how we calculate your total emissions, trajectory and insights from specific insights specific routes, ship types or cargo types.

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Data collection 

Explore the types of data we collect and understand how it’s used for customers and Sea Cargo Charter signatories 


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Actions to take 

We share our recommendations for best practice actions to take now to achieve reduced emissions impact and long-term success 

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We also share a case study featuring Ixom Operations Pty Ltd and outline how the company used RightShip’s Carbon Accounting tool to assess its emissions output and reduce its impact.  

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