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Guide to emission calculation

Emission calculation, management and reduction for charterers

RightShip welcomes the IMO’s decision to implement the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). However, there are limitations. Find out how these new regulations compare to RightShip’s GHG Rating and what you should do to maximise efficiency on the industry’s path to zero-emissions. 

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What’s in the paper?

Ahead of the 2023 implementation of EEXI and CII, we explore the benefits and limitations of these new regulations and outline how RightShip’s GHG rating differs in terms of impact as we work towards 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction targets. 


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RightShip’s position 

Gain a clear understanding into RightShip’s position on EEXI and CII and learn which efficiency measures have the most impact.

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Best efficiency measures 

Get insight into which efficiency measures are driving market shifts and what RightShip is seeing in terms of energy saving trends.

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Market Impact

Find out how these changes impact you from 2023 and what to do to maintain your competitive edge. 

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Innovation for change

Understand RightShip’s position on best practice innovation to meet and exceed industry efficiency targets.  

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RightShip has assessed EEXI and CII in relation to the GHG Rating and outlines clear implications for the market so you’re prepared in advance.  

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