Crew Welfare Evidence and Explainer Guide

There is an urgent need to tackle the systemic challenges creating human rights and labour rights risks for seafarers worldwide. Seafarers have a right to a workplace where their rights are respected. 

A new Code of Conduct, developed by the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) and the Rafto foundation, and a working group including RightShip, helps to set new standards for our essential workers.  

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What is the code of conduct? 

The Code of Conduct can be used by shipowners, ship operators and charterers to understand the extent to which current operations meet their responsibilities, and by charterers to strengthen due diligence that in turn informs chartering-related decision-making. It is supported by a practical Self-Assessment Tool which helps shipowners and ship operators to see where they are today and improve over time.  

How does the Self-Assessment Tool work?  

The Self-Assessment Tool provides guidance on how to meet the Code of Conduct and tracks progress against three levels: basic, intermediate and excellent. It is designed to showcase demonstrable progress over time to secure lasting and positive change for our seafarers. The Self-Assessment is hosted on RightShip’s website and is free for all owners and operators to use. On completion, a Crew Welfare badge will appear on the company’s vessel page within the RightShip Platform. 

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Benefits to you





Benefits to the Code of Conduct and Self-Assessment Questionnaire 


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The most comprehensive best practice crew welfare guidance

This tool has been developed by human rights experts and industry leaders including crew welfare industry bodies, shipowners, managers, and NGOs

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Intuitive step-by-step process

The Code of Conduct and Self-Assessment Questionnaire is split into seven sections, containing questions with fixed outcomes at three levels of improvement, helping you to prioritise your social responsibility strategies and resources.

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Clear path to continual improvement

Readily accessible link allows ship owners and operators to update and re-evaluate their status to reflect their latest progress. Ship owners and operators completing the self-assessment annually can easily see areas where they need to take action next.


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Meet your CSR and ESG requirements 

Crew Welfare is an increasing component of good corporate social responsibility. The Code of Conduct and Self-Assessment provide a consistent guide for long-term, systemic change for seafarers, uniting all parties in a standardised approach to improve the working lives of all members of the maritime industry.    

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Download the Crew Welfare Evidence and Explainer Guide