RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire

Contributes to the continuous enhancement of Dry Cargo Ship safety

RightShip implemented the RISQ in 2021, a questionnaire with specific and targeted questions and a guide to inspection for the majority of the questions, which will enhance the quality of the inspection. It has been designed to deliver a comprehensive and consistent inspection technique and outcome.

What' does the questionnaire contain?

The RISQ is a customizable document that will be updated periodically. It includes vessel-specific questions for bulk, general cargo, cellular container, and roll on roll off ships, making it arguably the most comprehensive inspections reporting tool in the dry cargo industry. The scope of inspections encompasses both regulatory and recommended elements, referencing IMO, ISO, ILO, OCIMF, ICS, P&I Loss Prevention Bulletins, marine publications, and industry practices. 

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Key benefits of RISQ

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Full Inspections Questionnaire

Read the full inspection questionnaire to prepare in advance of the  launch in late 2021

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Guide to Inspection

See the criteria against which your vessel will be assessed to ensure your fleet is maintained to best standards before inspection

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Inspector’s instructions

Explore the inspector’s instructions, guidelines and procedures so you know what to expect on the day of inspection.


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Leading Practice operations

Understand industry leading practice in operational and environmental standards, using our bibliography and resource list.

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Download the expanded inspections questionnaire today to ensure you know what is required to get your fleet prepared and improve your operations and efficiency.      

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