Shipowners' guide to vessel vetting criteria

Everything you need to know about RightShip’s Updated Vetting Criteria 

Vetting has been a core component of RightShip’s due diligence offering since the inception and our criteria has been refreshed consistently over the years in line with global safety, sustainability and human rights expectations. In 2021 we have completed a significant refresh that will be applied from June 2021.  

Download this guide to gain a full understanding of new components. This will give you a good sense of what your vetting superintendents will be looking for during a vet. It may also assist you in preparing for any associated improvements required to ensure you always achieve an acceptable outcome.  

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What’s in the guide

In this guide, designed specifically for ship owners, we explain the binary failings to ensure the path to an acceptable recommendation is easily understood. We will also outline improved social responsibility measures and updated industry expectations such as MLC checks. We have included the full criteria so that you can become familiar with it. Our experts also answer some commonly asked questions.   

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Introduction to Vessel Vetting

Vetting was not designed to add complexity to the role of shipowners. We want to recommend as many vessels as possible. Find out more about the vetting process, the RightShip criteria, the role of additional customer criteria and how to prepare your fleet for the new criteria.

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Maintain a competitive advantage

Managing your fleet in line with the vetting criteria enables you to provide vessels that are viewed favourably by charterers. Operating vessels with a strong vetting track record maintains a competitive advantage in the market.   

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Improve your safety and sustainability offering

Our criteria is combined with sustainability tools as well as industry social welfare standards, providing a holistic view of corporate social responsibility standards across the industry. Ensure your fleet is managed to the highest standards.


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Q&A with a RightShip Operations Manager

Not sure what the difference is between vessel vetting and inspections? Think older vessels are always recommended "unacceptable" during vetting? We’ve collected some common vetting myths and we’re dispelling them to give you more clarity ahead of the transition

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Get all the information you need to ensure your fleet is prepared ahead of the transition to the new standard, and ensure your vessels achieve an acceptable outcome, every time.  

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